Meet our Crossroads Orthotics team!

Chrystal Frazier, Owner & CEO

Cori Morrison, Owner & CFO

Business partners Chrystal Frazier and Cori Morrison have nearly 25 years of combined experience in the HME/DME industry.

Frazier began her career as a billing assistant at Rotech Healthcare where she developed a vast knowledge of the HME/DME industry. After a few years of climbing the corporate ladder, she was named the Division Director of Billing for Rotech. Upon her departure from Rotech, Frazier furthered her career by aiding Arcadia Resources with the implementation of their own HME/DME division. In 2005, she fulfilled her ambition of owning her own billing and consulting firm, Lerkins Billing & Consulting Professionals.

Morrison graduated with distinction from Indiana University in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance. In 2009, she gained ownership in Lerkins Billing and Consulting Professionals, where she and Frazier specialize in both DME and Physician billing. Together, they have created a unique and innovative company based on experience and their commitment to service and professionalism.

In 2011, Frazier and Morrison’s extensive knowledge of the HME/DME industry led to them acquiring an O&P company, Crossroads Orthotics & Consultation. Their experience in the industry allowed them to create a revolutionary company, where they quickly gained clientele, causing their business to grow quickly and successfully.

Frazier and Morrison are active members of the Region B Council with National Government Services, multiple State Board Associations and WBE certified.